Especially for our younger walkers, Mrs Booth’s Fascinating Finds! 
Local artist and designer, Judith Booth has created three amazing Fascinating Finds sheets for children to use as they explore our beautiful countryside. Each highlights different birds, plants and animals you may spot and encourages our young artists to draw their favourites. There are three separate sheets to download, on different themes – Birds, Trees and Seashore. 
Mrs Booth and everyone at the North Berwick Coastal Walking Festival would love to see your drawings if you wished to share. Use our social media ……….. or and we can pop them in our gallery!
Trees and Beasties
Download here

Many different leaves can be found in local parks and streets.  Use this sheet to look out for different leaf shapes and sizes to start a collection.
Birds in Flight
Download here

Use this sheet to search out the birds that fly overhead and the animals that walk on the ground. You don’t always need binoculars to spot these impressive creatures.
Seashore finds
Download here

Use this sheet to spot some of the exciting plants and animals that live on our seashore. You can also find some beautiful shells to collect.